Our Work


Heemang Foundation wants to fill the gap in the medical system by offering care and support for individuals and their families. We want to facilitate and accommodate residential programs that are evidence based, client-centered and cater to everyone’s needs.


The Foundation’s purpose is to ease the financial burden of those seeking support and their families. By providing a home-like atmosphere in our residential care program, we will offer round the clock support by experienced professionals. In addition, our customized programs are designed to meet each individual’s unique needs. This will be done by breaking away from the group settings and cookie cutter method practiced by the current systems. Furthermore, clients will be given special guidance and support to accommodate transitioning back to the community, by providing respite and part time residency as required.

With our multidisciplinary and holistic approach, we at Heemang Foundation are committed to help people find freedom from the disorder and recover fully in a safe and loving environment.


We are a registered charitable organization relying on donations. Charitable receipts can be provided for donations. These donations ensure that Individuals and their families receive the best care possible. Our program is not funded by the government and is paid by clients on a fee-for-service basis. However, we acknowledge that financial strains can be a challenge for many families and Heemang Foundation provides subsidies. Please note the programs that are facilitated by the foundation are not generally covered by BC Medical and other private extended medical plans.


The delay in health care can lead to worsening physical and mental health conditions, relapses of old coping patterns and possibly fatal consequences. Eating disorders involve complex mental health issues that require a combination of medical and mental health support.

Did you know?

Eating disorders affect people of all ages, genders, socioeconomic classes, racial backgrounds, ethnicities, and abilities.

According to Jesse’s Legacy, eating disorders affect approximately 135,000 British Columbians. In addition to this, there are hundreds of thousands of provincial citizens who do not technically meet the diagnostic criteria, but they struggle with disordered eating and body image issues.

Heemang Foundation believes that one does not need to have a diagnosis to experience significant suffering and alterations in their day-to-day activities. Advocates and parents who have lived through this experience, tell us that the wait time to access medical care is extremely stressful. The longer an individual must wait, the more likely they are to be demotivated and suffer serious decline in their mental and physical health.

Lack of funds for private treatments, not meeting the diagnostic or age criteria in the current system is unacceptable. There is a significant shortage of treatment and beds in specialized units at the public hospitals. These are only some of the issues faced by caregivers and individuals suffering from the disorder. Individuals are more likely to succumb to the disorder while waiting for help, often right before their caregivers’ eyes.


over 50 Lives

over 15 Years

Over 50 lives over the past 15 years helped to take a path towards sustainable recovery.

Recovery is a journey.
It’s important to know that obstacles will arise, which will stand in the way of achieving exactly what you want, and that's okay. It takes loving yourself to accept that you are allowed to fail, and it takes that same fierce love to allow accepting it. Your journey will be full of ups and downs, tears, and laughter.
Recovery will likely be the hardest thing you go through, but it will also be the most rewarding thing you achieve.
Krisztina Marshall Founder and Eating Disorder Consultant