If you feel like your life or your loved one’s is limited and negatively impacted by a strained relationship with food, you have come to the right place. Feeling helpless, scared and lonely is painful. When you or a loved one suffers from an eating disorder it can bring you to your knees in despair. The National Eating Disorder Centre (NEDIC) estimates that between 840,000 and 1,750,000 people in Canada have symptoms of eating disorders at any one time. Yet there are so few resources and programs available to help that provide sustainable change, hope and the possibility of healing and recovery. Maybe you are exhausted and feel like you have tried everything you can - from reading books, speaking to friends, making promises to change your behavior, different therapies and perhaps even been in and out of hospital or treatment centers and feel that nothing has helped enough.There is still hope and options.


Providing Hope, Healing and Freedom

Heemang Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable organization promoting health by providing outreach, support, recovery, and relapse prevention programming for people who suffer from eating disorders and a dysfunctional relationship with food.

We also provide education opportunities to grow community awareness.

Recovery At Heemang Foundation Means...

  • Person-Centered

    1. We do not diagnose, however we accept new clients no matter where they are in their recovery journey.
    2. We will work on gaining insight into the cause of the current behaviours, as opposed to treating the symptoms.
    3. We aspire to help our clients achieve an understanding of their relationship with food and its effect on their lives. We will provide tools and guidance on how to put them into practice.
    4. When the disorder brings disruption to your relationships, we want to help you rebuild and make space for new and functional ones.
  • Powerful

    1. Our approach addresses the wide range of factors that contribute to the development of eating disorders. We work to pinpoint what makes the disorder thrive.
    2. We take our sessions into real-life environments, such as restaurants, grocery stores, and various appointments.
  • Possible

    1. Recovery is possible! With a curated program for your specific needs, you can gain control over obsessive thoughts and behaviours.


  • Residential Program

    1 on 1, 24/7 care, pet friendly

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  • 1:1 Consultations

    Person-centered approach,
    help to improve quality of life, not just treat symptoms

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  • Educational Workshops

    Provide insight into eating disorders

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  • Caregiver's Circle

    2 hour interactive free workshop,
    Learning eating disorder by sharing and listening to up to 20 participants' experience

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Working with Krisztina Marshall saved my life. Her approach to eating disorder recovery is raw, real, and comes from first hand experience. Her willingness to be understanding and empathetic, yet steadfast and unbudging is the reason I was able to see - after 7+ years- that recovery was possible. She was brutally honest from the beginning that there was a long, hard, and unbelievably painful road ahead - but that she would be by your side, day and night. And she is true to her word. She will fight the disorder when you feel like you have nothing left She helps you envision and build a life without it. Krisztina opened my eyes to the absurdity of what I was doing, and woke me up to the fact that life was rapidly passing me by. Life was moving on, while I was stuck with my eating disorder, and only my eating disorder. I now have a wonderful, disorder-free life. And I wouldn't have this life without Krisztina.

Jennie S.
North Vancouver

We wholeheartedly recommend the Residential program at Heemang Foundation to anyone seeking compassionate and effective support for individuals facing challenging eating disorder issues. Their expert ’s ( Krisztina) dedication and genuine care played a pivotal role in our daughter’s journey to recovery and well-being, and has set our daughter on a path to success and happiness.

Guy M.

The Residential program has made a remarkable impact on our daughter's life. Krisztina’s dedication, genuine concern, and prioritization of patient care were the keys that led to our daughter’s success - it is not an overstatement to say that Krisztina’s approach saved our daughter’s life.

Alex. M.

Since the completion of the Residential program, our daughter has made significant progress, growing into a confident, happy, and successful young woman. At the Foundation with their expert, Krisztina’s unique ability to bring together all of the medical information, our daughter’s state of mind and progress, and to keep our daughter at the forefront of her care was instrumental in this transformation.

G. Moody

Upon finding Krisztina at Heemang Foundation, everything changed. At the Foundation our daughter was placed at the centre of care, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of how all aspects of her recovery intertwined. Their expert navigated and integrated the insights of medical professionals and psychologists, ensuring a holistic approach to our daughter's well-being.

A. Moody